Tally Ho's Present Situation

Tally Ho is presently in Brookings Harbor, Oregon, on the west coast of the USA. In some respects that's a fortunate location as the local climate is fairly mild and she remains in reasonable condition.

However, the land is needed for another purpose and the space available to the harbor is limited. Tally Ho can no longer stay where she is at present.

Her hull is basically sound, though far from perfect. The view is that she could be recaulked and floated if neccessary, though her decks are not so good. All machinery is removed.

She is well covered and secured against the weather.

Tally Ho under her cover at Brookings Harbor.

She sits on a substantial wooden cradle-type arrangement and at present also has a substantial woodon structure supporting the cover. Our "man on the ground" checks her regularly.

Our First And Most Urgent Action

We must move Tally Ho from her present location. Whilst the people at Brookings Harbor have been very helpful and considerate, they have their own priorities and imperatives.

The quick, easy and lowest cost solution is simply to move Tally Ho to somewhere else in the Brookings area, however we at the Albert Strange Association strongly feel that she is too far away from her original home and her Fastnet Race heritage, and the better solution by far is to return her to the UK. We feel that if she stays on the US west coast, she may never receive the support she warrants.

That task of bringing her home makes significant demands on us. The estimate for the cost of repatriation is around 30,000 pounds or dollars. That is far more that the ASA's current wealth. We are a just small association of like-minded enthusiasts and volunteers.

Our aim at this point is, if at all possible, to raise the funds to achieve that repatriation.

The present location of Tally Ho means that she must be shipped either across or round the US, which accounts for roughly half of the costs, and then across the Atlantic to the UK, which accounts for the other half of the costs.

Photo: Peters and May

One of the complications of this is that there appears so one-move option from west coast USA to the UK. Trucking across the USA with a load of 48ft by 13ft by 14ft high, plus the truck trailer, is a significant task in itself.

We hope to ship her the whole way in one go, but if needs must, we may have to pause on the US east coast.

Once Tally Ho reaches the UK, or before if we manage earlier to find a sponsor or buyer, we'll need her stored and restored.