The Restoration Of Tally Ho

This is a significant but quite feasible restoration, which ideally will be done by or for someone with suitable funding and a suitable interest in this remarkable yacht.

Her hull is reasonably sound. She was constructed to a high standard of teak and American elm on oak frames. Her decks require replacement, as do her internal arrangements. We have Albert Strange's original plans, and also outline alternative arrangements suitable for charter, for sail training and for a private yacht.

At 47.5ft by 12.9ft, she offers good space for each of these possible uses, including as a live-aboard vessel.

We have copies of Albert Strange's original rig design and also a conjectural drawing by Iain Oughtred of a1660 sq ft rig much akin to that used by Lord Stalbridge during the 1928 Fastnet Race.

Most of the photographs below are from a small number of years ago when Manuel Lopez was working on Tally Ho. Sadly Manuel passed away and Tally Ho has since been awaiting a new owner and restorer, and now also a new location.

Tally Ho, abeam during the late Manual Lopez' restoration work.

The photograph above shows Tally Ho whilst the late Manual Lopez was working on her restoration.

Tally Ho in her newer weather-protection covering.

Manuel planing the new stem.

The Late Manual Lopez working on Tally Ho.

The late Manuel Lopez and friends fitting the new stem.

The late Manuel Lopez and friends fitting the new stem.

Since Manual's passing, all work on Tally Ho has ceased. Now, with the location at Brookings also shortly not available we must urgently take action.