Technical And Related Data About Tally Ho

Tally Ho is one of the larger boats designed by Albert Strange, and a great ocean sailing boat.

She was first commissioned as BETTY in 1910, as a cruiser with deep sea fishing capability, she carried the name TALLY HO from 1913 until 1971.

(* Displacement below is approximated)

Vital statistics:


Dimension Imperial Metric
Length Over Spars 60 ft 18.3m
Length Overall 47.5 ft 14.5m
Length Waterline 44.5 ft 13.6m
Beam 12.8 ft 3.9m
Displacement* ~30 T (uk) +30 tonne
Draft 7 ft 2.1m
Air Draft (std) 55 ft 17m
Air Draft (topsail) 70 ft 21m
Sail Area (designed) 1300 sq ft 121m2
Sail Area (Fastnet) 1686 sq ft 155m2
Ballast Keel (lead) 4.75T 4.8 tonne
Ballast (internal) 8 T 8.13 tonne
Ballast (total) 12.75 T 13 tonne
Rig Gaff Cutter  
Hull Long Keel Transom

Hull: Teak planking above the waterline and elm planking below on sawn oak Frames, 2in (50mm) sided by 3in (75mm) moulded, fastened with 3/8" (10mm) copper rivets. Oak deck beams with pine deck planking.


Sail Plan (Albert Strange Original)


Rig conjecture - Fastnet 1927  (by Iain Oughtred)


Lines Plan


Arrangements (A.S. original)


Arrangement (A.S. Original)

Proposed Alternative Layouts for various uses.

Drawn by designer Paul Spooner, for charter, sail-training and private yacht, respectively.

These were drawn prior to Leo's ownership as a guide for prospective purchasers. They are not used by Leo.