Tally Ho Has A New Owner

As of 30th May 2017 the yacht Tally Ho now has a new owner who is arranging to have her mover from Port of Brookings Harbour to the Port Townsend area where the new owner will shortly commence restoration.

The present plan is there to restore her to a sailing condition with a minimal fit-out sufficient to sail her back to the UK. Once in the UK, the plan is then to fit her out properly.

Hopefully, within a few days she will begin her move to her new home for restoration. She will be loaded onto a road transporter and moved first to Port Townsend, Washington, and there will be transferred to a smaller lorry (truck) that will allow her to be delivered into the new location at Sequim, Washington, where a couple of trees must be removed to get her into the yard of a friend of the new owner. There is a 60' x 40' covered shed, though the door is too small for Tally Ho, so she may have to be outside, which is a shame but no calamity.

I hope soon to have photographs of her being loaded and moved.



Episode 1 -- Visiting Tally Ho at Brookings Harbour, Oregon.

The Albert Strange 1910 Gaff Cutter "Tally Ho" is in danger of being destroyed if she is not moved this summer. I go to Oregon to see how rotten she really is, and try to decide whether to take the project on. -- Leo.

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