This episode, I work with some volunteers to cut out more futtocks, and assemble the first pair of Frames using Southern Live Oak - to replace the old English Oak frames that Tally Ho was built with. To fasten the futtocks we use Black Locust Treenails (Trunnels/Trennels), which are traditional wedged pegs, used for centuries in ship-building and timber-framing.

We also get some more of the copper fastenings removed, build some adjustable trestles, and establish the centerline of the boat. Finally, Cecca and I take an overdue little holiday to the furthest reaches of the Olympic Peninsula.

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  • Wayne Jones - Tango de la Noche
  • Quincas Moreira - Amor Chiquito
  • Audionautix - Boxcar Rag
  • Topher Mohr and Alex Elena - The Creek
  • Audionautix -Tennessee Hayride
  • Dan Lebowitz - Blue Creek Trail

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