With the deadline of the “Frame-raising party" looming, the race is on to try and get the Stern Assembly into the boat! With a strong team now, we are able to lift most of the pieces by hand, but have to make use of hydraulic jacks to lower the Sternpost Tenon into the Mortise.

We also make improvements to our Treenail making process, build a new frame (16a), and I take a trip to the Port Townsend Shipwrights Coop to thread Silicon Bronze bolts with one of their machines.

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  • Norma Rockwell - Three Kinds of Sun
  • Underbelly - Lulu
  • Dan Lebowitz - Torrance Sunset
  • Freedom Trail Studio - The Current Blues
  • The Mini Vandals - Who’s Using Who
  • The Mini Vandals - Kick the Can
  • The Mini Vandals - Bywater

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