In this extra-length episode, Pete and Clark show the process of making individual patterns for each of the floors, laminating thin strips of ply into the boat and then shaping and sculpting them into the shape that we need. Patrick returns to help get the boat ready for planking, and we take the patterns to Port Townsend Foundry, where we learn all about the exciting bronze casting process, pack some moulds, and pour the first two floors for Tally Ho. When the molten bronze has solidified and cooled, we can break them out, grind them down, and take them back to the boat to see if they fit!

Meanwhile, Pancho keeps her beady eye on the hens, and Backtrack expands his repertoire of napping spots!

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  • TrackTribe - Delta
  • Slynk & Mr Stabalina - The Jam
  • The Mini Vandals - The Shepherd
  • Text Me Records / Grandbankss - Realism
  • TrackTribe - 1968
  • The Mini Vandals - Sam the Man
  • Freedom Trail Studio - Dwarf Star
  • TrackTribe - Dance 4x

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