Having poured all the smaller bronze Floors, we have to build a bigger flask in order to cast the largest ones. Packing these big moulds isn’t without it’s setbacks, and we experience the frustration of having the sand collapse onto the ground after a whole day of shovelling and ramming. Eventually we make a successful pour, and after this piece is ground and finished it is bolted into the boat alongside its siblings.

Meanwhile, the last of the patterns are made - including all the Lodging Knees and Breast Hooks. The crew become obsessed with a small wooden puzzle that arrived mysteriously in the mail - all apart from Pancho, who is beyond the limitations of puny human diversion.

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  • The Mini Vandals - Kick the Can
  • The Mini Vandals - Under the Wire
  • Nat Keefe & Hot Buttered Rum - Billy in the Lowground
  • Jimmy Fontanez/Media Right Productions - Baila Mi Cumbia
  • Text Me Records / Bobby Renz - Jungles
  • E's Jammy Jams - Minor Blues for Booker

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