In this episode we work towards sealing up the timber of the hull, inside and out.

First we varnish the interior of the boat, using a traditional varnish that should hopefully hold up for decades. Then we get a serious workout with some good-old-fashioned “torture-boards”, we glue and trim plugs, and we get a little closer to painting and moving the boat. We have a bit of a change of crew as David and Rowan head back to the East coast, and we get some great help from some local guys. Meanwhile Pancho delights in a game of hide-n-seek.

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  • Dome Sweet Dome - Nat Keefe with The Bow Ties
  • Hurts So Good Blues - Unicorn Heads
  • Fake Dave Tune (Instrumental) - Fake Dave /
  • Bluebird - E's Jammy Jams

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