Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost?

There are several stages to the answer to this question.

To move her to somewhere near Brookings Harbor, probably around $2000

To move her from Brookings to East Coast USA, around $15,000

To move her from Brookings to the UK, around $30,000

To restore the fabric of Tally Ho again to a yacht, about $150,000

To fit her out, depending on whether simple, or to her full historic standard, somewhere between $50,000 and $250,000.

Will it be worth doing?

Certainly, but this is a question that can really only be answered fully by whomever takes on the task.

Would she make a return on investment? Possibly, but more likely not.

Would the restoration be money well spent otherwise? Probably. A new yacht of this size and calibre would cost a similar amount of money, quite possibly more.

Any other value? Certainly. There really is no substitute for a beautiful classic yacht. Especially one like Tally Ho. Who can put a value on the satisfaction of the classic yacht, of the admiring looks, of the compliments, of the photographs?

She's Wooden ... won't she be difficult to maintain?

It's a good question. The answer is "not really". People worry about this, partly because GRP boats have for so long been sold as "low maintenance". Actually, it simply isn't true. All boats require maintenance, it's just different from one type of boat to another. Some jobs that are easy on GRP are harder on wood; some jobs that are easy on wood are hard on GRP.