The Tasks

Tally Ho must be relocated by the end of June or be destroyed.
A significant challenge that we are confident is achievable. Her hull is pretty sound, so we believe this to be a sensible restoration not major rebuild.
What we hope Tally Ho can be. Participation in the centenary Fastnet race would be wonderful. The continued life of this classic and historic vessel in some future life is really a 'must'.
A brief report into the condition of Tally Ho in September 2013. sooner were we clear of the Fastnet, than it began to blow hard from the north-east, and from 2 to 4am that morning I think we had as big a bucketing as at any time, as the wind was against the sea. Yet we had to drive her along for all we were worth, not only to beat La Goleta, but to get sea room.

And Drive Her We Did.

Hugh Grosvenor, Lord Stalbridge, Fastnet 1927.