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A History Of Tally Ho At 47ft 6in LOA and 30 tons TM, Betty was the largest transom-sterned boat designed by Albert Strange. She was built for Charles Hellyer of Brixham, who had fishing interests in that port, as well as in Hull, where he owned one of the first steam trawler fleets, and was a member of the Humber Yawl Club.
Tony Watts recounts Tally Ho's Fastnet Race in 1927.
The story of Tally Ho's wrecking and recovery.
by Fran Flutter. Housing was in short supply post World War Two. It was quite a popular option to live aboard one of a variety of vessels now surplus to requirements – motor torpedo boats, Thames barges, etc. My parents decided to buy a boat that they could sail and, knowing nothing, were fortunate in choosing a 14 ton Hillyard. In 1950 they planned to emigrate to Australia in their second yacht, a composite- built ketch with elegant overhangs but, caught out by an autumn storm in Biscay, they were forced to return to the UK.
Technical And Related Data About Tally Ho Tally Ho is one of the larger boats designed by Albert Strange, and a great ocean sailing boat. She was first commissioned as BETTY in 1910, as a cruiser with deep sea fishing capability, she carried the name TALLY HO from 1913 until 1971.
Jeff Rutherford, Boatbuilder and Surveyor from Richmond, California, visited TALLY HO in 2013, at our request, and made the following report. We are grateful to Jeff who did this work pro bono (we repaid his very reasonable expenses). The report is included here exactly as written by Jeff - I have made just two corrections of spelling.
The Urgency - An Historic Yacht In Peril On the tenth of January 2017 the Albert Strange Association (ASA) received notice that "The new Port Manager wants all 'dead wood' out.", and that includes Tally Ho. By 13th February 2017.
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About the Albert Strange Association.

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