After weeks of hectic preparation, we begin the big push to re-frame the stern of Tally Ho! For these 3 weeks, we have 10 people (including myself) working full-time on the boat:

  • Kirt (USA)
  • Finn (UK)
  • Arnaud (Belgium)
  • Thom (UK)
  • Pat (USA)
  • Max (USA)
  • Robert (UK)
  • Glenda & Bill (USA).

After a few days spent training all the new members of the team, we get into full-swing frame production, and are able to achieve our goal of getting one pair of frames made and bedded per day! There is a great sense of camaraderie in the yard, and after making 7 frames we celebrate our progress by taking our little gaff-rigged dinghy out for a lazy Sunday sail.

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  • The Mini Vandals - Vaculator Blues
  • Jimmy Fontanez - ChaCha Fontanez
  • Kevin MacLeod - Easy Jam
  • The Mini Vandals - Sam the Man
  • Kevin MacLeod - Look Busy

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