This is the day - the big reveal! With the deck structure fastened permanently into the Beam Shelf, we can remove the temporary cross-palls and finally see Tally Ho’s internal space and the underside of the deck structure.

But before we bolt them into place, we have to prepare the deck beams by sanding, chamfering and varnishing them. Luckily we have the help of a new volunteer - Clark. We also fasten the bilge stringer to the frames, and take care of the most satisfying job of all - trimming all the frame-heads with a chainsaw!

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  • Mini Vandals - Lonnie J
  • The Mini Vandals - The Queen Will See You
  • Josh Lippi & The Overtimers - The Saloon
  • E's Jammy Jams - Red Eye
  • DJ Williams - Iron Fist
  • Mini Vandals - Pale Rider Blues

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