After 5 long weeks, it’s time for a planking update!

There was so much footage to work through and edit, and so much information to cover, that I’m making this episode in two parts.

In this first part, as well as catching up with the planking progress, we strength-test the copper rivets - initially using a very dodgy forklift/lead setup, and then subsequently on a 250-ton hydraulic ram!

We also discuss plank widths and caulking / corking bevels, Rosie cuts out her first plank, and Pancho finds her way to the rooftop.

Part 2 of this video coming very soon!

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  • Ducky Funk - Quincas Moreira
  • Sunny Side - Text Me Records
  • Proud - Text Me Records / Bobby Renz
  • Lazy Porch Swing Blues - Unicorn Heads
  • I Have a Reservation - TrackTribe

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